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Originally Posted by dgaspari View Post
was this a good trade for the 09/10 season? in the short term it was. but time will tell if it was a good trade for the long term. you are looking at paying pronger for 7 more years @ a $5 m cap hit which can not be removed from the salary cap. remember that paul and the organization are " cap challenged" so you do not know what ramification prongers contract will have have on future seasons.

the major problem i have with this deal is paul overpaid. he was the only gm serious about pronger and should have paid a lot less than what he did. he bid against himself and drove up the price. if he had paid fair market value maybe we would have had a few extra prospects in the system.

finally, the other problem paul created was that he traded for pronger on the last year of his contract. once he gave the ducks that large payment, he had to sign pronger at any price. right after pronger was traded, he mentioned how to andy strickland, that it would be nice to finish his career in st louis. because paul had no position of strenght in the contract negotioation ( and not knowing how the capped worked).he gave chris a contact that was bad the flyers organization's cap future.
The out years of Pronger's contract are no problem. The last two are really cheap ($500K). They could trade him to a club struggling to meet the cap, then he can retire and they can use the $5M cap hit, and, of course, they wouldn't even have to pay him the cash either.

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