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07-06-2010, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Well, that would have been a move with the Stanley Cup in mind...

Also, it is common knowledge that the Flyers overpaid for Pronger. No other team was really in the running. Homer was bidding against himself. Sure, that's 20/20 hindsight at work but it does show how easily Homer gets rattled at times if he thinks a deal isn't gonna go through.
I'd say it is the other way around, at the time it seemed like potential overpayment, now it seems like a bargain because of how things shook out with all the players involved.

It's possible he could have gotten a little better bargain but we would be talking about not tossing in the third or maybe changing how far out the picks were or something along those lines.

The Flyers were NOT the only team interested in Pronger but they may have been the only team interested at quite this price tag. That said, the Ducks were not 100% committed to moving him, they could have waited until the deadline and gotten pretty good return so to move him at either the draft or the previous season's deadline they would have had to get an offer higher than what they were hearing (generally a first and a pick) from other teams.

So yes, in a way the Flyers were "bidding against themselves" but not entirely and there always existed the possibility of Pronger staying put until later. Conceivably Philly could have waited it out until the trade deadline or even the following year's free agency period but that tosses in a bunch of variables along with a guarantee of a higher cap hit.

The trade was ABSOLUTELY worth it, the question is was the CONTRACT EXTENSION worth it and we won't know that for a couple years.

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