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07-06-2010, 07:37 PM
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Ok? I don't understand the reading between the lines stuff because I did infact state that Hitler was a brilliant man in multiple realms in both that post and an earlier post. He was a wonderful public speaker that arranged the masses to follow his every move, he was a master strategist that located the weakness in German morale after losing WWI and revolutionized the German economy. He just happened to be an extreme racist that had no regard for human life, sought for a scapegoat to pit all the troubles of Germany on, and ended up working his own army to the point where they could not advance the Eastern Front. If you want to have a legitimate conversation about this topic, you should do it with more than a silly one line comment that doesn't prove/disprove anything.

Also, there is no way Charlie Chaplin or the Pink Panther is the true version of the origianal photoshop, it is clearly "Holmgren Hitler" by way of context.

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