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07-06-2010, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Mock the thread but it's a legit question given the implications down the road. Right now it seems overly circumspect but we shall see in two to three years....

Not every trade is for an impact player such as Pronger. He was acquired b/c it was thought he would get the Flyers over the 36 year cupless hump. It almost happened but in the end they fell short as a team. Some people are already satisfied with what he brings..cup or not. Some people have higher expectations and should including management unless again playoff revenue is solely enough. The Lindros trade, for example, was meant to get an impact/superstar caliber player that it was thought would eventually deliver a cup....unfortunately the Flyers were 1 in done in 97 while Forsberg who we traded delivered a couple of cups and put together a hall of fame career. He will probably get in before Lindros does. At the time people were probably satisfied and saying the same things about Lindros..., worth it, the next one etc etc. In the end he didn't pan out and didn't HELP deliver a cup...period.

In the Rangers case where they mortgaged their future in Amonte and Weight for aging Oiler's players (Tikanen, Lowe, Messier etc) and Chicago players like Larmer they got a cup so maybe for the fans it was worth it but I'm sure in that 6 year playoff drought they were cursing up a storm. Again, IMO it's not that cut and dry just yet. I enjoyed the run but if it's another 1 and done then the novelty of the trade will wear out and this thread will be resurrected with a lot of what if's. That was the intention of the's for posterity sake. Let's all hope in the next two or three years there will be no doubt left that the trade was worth it. I just can't fathom how people can say right now with 100% certainty the trade "was worth it." With that kind of short term thinking there must be a lot of day traders on here....
The only way I see this trade ending up badly is if Sbisa turns out to be the next Lidstrom. In the Lindros trade, if not for Forsberg, who was relatively unknown at the time, that deal would have been completely in the Flyers' favor. What I mean is that the other players gave the Nordiques good depth, but aside from Ricci, no one really did much for the team. It was Forsberg that made that deal fall in the Nordiques favor, and he was not predicted to be as good as he turned out. Right now, Pronger is far better in his role than any of the players in that trade. In a few years, we'll see how Sbisa pans out; but even if he becomes a good #2 or #3, I think the Flyers win the trade (unless Pronger's skills erode quickly or he gets injured).

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