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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Another vote for "just get an ABS blade," that way you don't have to worry about any sort of taping at all. Should only run you about $30 for a decently light wood stick with ABS blade, should be able to find a selection of at least a few in most hockey stores. If you wanted to get real fancy you could get a 2 piece, a composite shaft with an ABS blade, but that seems more than a little unnecessary for road hockey.
I have a couple of plastic/ABS blade sticks already. A Mylec Air-Flow and an Easton with an ABS blade. Both are fine sticks (although the Easton is a little heavy), but I've been spoiled by the Sher-Wood 5030. I also have a couple of CCM Vector 04 wood/fibreglass sticks that have been my favourite ball hockey sticks for quite a while now. Sunday night I brought my 5030 and a CCM with me. I switched up part way through one of the games to see how the CCM felt and within about 5 minutes I switched back to the 5030. Also, I can't stand the feel of a composite stick (blade or shaft),it just doesn't feel right and they are too damn expensive for my wallet.

I'll try to find some of the clear Toe-Pro stuff and if I can't the shin tape seems to at least be slowing down the blade wear. The blade is still in great shape so it's no biggie. Besides, I'm off to buy another 5030 (or maybe a 7000 or 9950) tomorrow. Thank you GST cheque!!

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