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07-06-2010, 10:01 PM
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One thing that you should note is that the longer you spend with a particular stick side, you develop strength and better control with time. It applies to just about everything, leg strength, core strength, forearms and wrists so you don't need to worry too much if one part is a little bit awkward.

What I would recommend is going with the stick that you feel the most comfortable with stick handling. Setup some cans or something to use as obstacles and practice stick handling around all of these obstacles. Try toe drags, try twisting your torso as you handle the ball as well.

Handling the puck is probably one of the more important things, and if you can't handle the puck with authority, you're not going to be getting off as many shots cleanly.

The other thing you mentioned is that although shooting right feels more natural, you're likely not using proper form. It seems to me that you could spend just as much time developing proper form shooting left and getting the hang of that side.

It's entirely up to you. I'm right handed and I shoot right as well, but stick handling for me just felt much more natural. I'd flip left handed sticks backwards and play with those when I was playing ball hockey with my buddies. When I started off, my left hand was much weaker but I really pushed some of my stick handling routines and really focused on using that hand much more and now I've reached an area of comfort.

On the other hand, with your case, it's not impossible to learn how to shoot left either. Just for kicks I use my perfectly flat blade to shoot off wristers (I feel it helps for my balance sometimes), and I can get some decent shots off although it still feels awkward as hell. If you really think that you're getting better stick handling with the left handed stick, you may just go with that.

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