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Originally Posted by dookie88 View Post
The thing about these picks are, as long as Pronger stays healthy and doesn't break down (which won't be happening in the next 3 years imo) the Flyers first line picks will essentially be high second round picks.

And all those people with their reports and blah blah.
I guess reports are always true and all those experts now exactly what's going on in negotiations between two GMs.
And now I'm going to buy my Kovalchuk Flyers jersey...
No offense, but this is the dumbest logic for justifying giving up assets I've ever heard.

Think about it this way: if our first round picks are useless because they're equivalent to second round picks, then our second round picks are really third round picks, and so on. It doesn't make the fact that we don't have any good picks to replenish our prospect pool any easier to deal with. In fact, in a way it makes it worse. Because instead of still having 'high second round picks' (which are really first round picks), all we have are high third round picks (assuming we keep our second rounders, which Holmgren refuses to do).

I don't care how many people try to spin picks as useless, you need to draft well from all positions to be constantly successful, and no matter how good your scouting/drafting teams are, you still can't do it without picks.

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