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07-07-2010, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
I think my original point was that the mid-level CONMEBOL teams outperformed the mid-level UEFA teams in this World Cup. Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile should be proud. We can't agree at all on this point. Typing LOL or adding 50 emoticons won't change the fact that as an example when Slovakia played Paraguay, they didn't have a single proper scoring chance in the first 89 minutes of the game. Switzerland didn't fare much better versus Chile, or France versus Uruguay.

In terms of the top level teams, the UEFA teams (i.e. the European champions and the runners-up) were stronger than the two top CONMEBOL teams Argentina and Brazil.

I never wrote that a spot should be taken from Europe and we should have an extra South American team in the World Cup. If it were up to me, the third spot from CONCACAF would play a "baraz" with the sixth place from CONMEBOL instead of getting automatically in (i.e. Honduras would have competed in a playoff versus Ecuador).
You´re not getting my point at all- those team that they actually beat sucked in that one game (Slovakia with it´s most pathetic display against Paraguay in the last two years) or overall IMO the same France that drew Uruguay actually LOST by 2 goals to both other teams in it´s group and Switzerland who lost to Chile also managed tying Honduras, about which you´re basically saying in your post that it shouldn´t even been there as the chances that they would have made it against Ecuador weren´t that big. There´s nothing so greatly impressive in beating teams that suck in the first place.

Uruguay and Paraguay can be really proud because they made it so far, but the manner they made it wasn´t really as impressive as presented (neither was Slovakia´s for that matter, actually has the Italy game lasted a few minutes longer we´d go home, we were pretty lucky that the Italians woke up so late), Chille I really don´t see what they should be proud of, they were a much better side than Switzerland in the first place and they were expected to make it 2nd out of their group- they put on an average performance at best.

I never said you said that Europe should have been taken spots, but that people said it and they kept on hyping the South Americans (and no they didn´t only hype the mid level teams as you put it they were full of Brasil and Argentina as well) and kept bashing the European teams as a whole because of France or Italy.

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