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04-01-2005, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by andora
ok, so it cuts payroll to get ovechkin in the flames... now, with an nhl with a salary cap or roll back or whatever it may be.. how long will it take ovechkin and his skill to get up to that salary anyway?

is trading iginla and cutting salary and getting ovechkin for say .. four cheap years? is calgary as competitive in those four cheap AO years than if they keep iginla.. not really.. so why does calgary do this again? is it just to get younger and cheaper? because that's the mentality that just becomes circular, and when ovechkin gets more expensive, trade him to get cheaper...

calgary is a good team now, and (working with this assumption) when the nhl gets going with some cost certainty benefits helping calgary.. iginla likely would be playing for less.. so where is the incentive
Quite simple - because right now, the market is flooded with talent. As much as I love Jarome Iginla, if you can aquire one of the top prospects in the past decade and free up $9 million to go shopping (something alot of teams can't afford because they maxed their cap) then I say do it.

It isn't so much getting Ovechkin for Iginla as it is getting Ovechkin AND free up money to go shopping when there's alot of sexy talent on the market.

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