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Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
long time relationship (year if that counts).

She was honest about it a few days later but...

1. It was with an ex
2. she made out with him after talking to me on the phone just ten minutes prior to her betraying me.
3. Our relationship is long distance (college relationship so we are together most of the year).
4. She lied about it at first then told the truth.
5. Things kinda went down hill from there and we tried working on it for a month but she refused to really talk about it and put forth willingness to fix it.
6. She broke up with me though she "still loved me." She is a professional musician and music is the #1 in her life. Sadly, my clingy "you just cheated on me feelings were driving her away (even though she caused the problem in the first place). We ended on a positive note, hopeful for the near and far future.
7. Two days later she makes out with another guy.
8. She tries to reach out to me as a friend and let's just say I lost it and kicked her butt to the curb.
9. Now I am regretting that because I still really do love and care about her. I know she does too (at least she says she does) and she really has done some things to try and repair problems in the past. This was a really serious relationship and I am unsure about where to go from here. We've been seperated about two weeks, but we can't seem to stop talking to each other because we miss each other.

Little bit of help guys (gals)
How much does she like hockey?

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