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Heres a posting by the guy on

ok everyone, i'll try to keep this as condensed as possible for all our sake. to start off the group was split up on both rinks. based on everyones comments, i spent most of my time watching the group who had the most key players and saw only a little bit of the other group of players. good thing though is that there is a scrimmage at the end of each practice and that is where most of the evaluating takes place.

random notes:

-bobrovsky was wearing emery's old pads
-labrecque wasn't in attendance today(possible injury,failed fitness test or not here altogether)
-matt bissonnette was added to the roster. left winger who played for moncton, lewiston, and chicoutimi of the qmjhl last year
-everyone is big except for a few
-drills were super sloppy
-not one player stood out as the star of the group like van riemsdyk in past years
-scrimmage was less sloppy and there was very tight checking
-drills were geared towards transition play


i know some wanted to know about lines, but everyone rotated frequently so there were very few set lines and d pairings. the orange team was made up of forwards matt bissonnette, blake gal, phil ginand, gregor hanson, ben holmstrom, brendan ranford, andrew rowe, mike testwuide, and eric wellwood. defensemen michael banwell, ricard blidstrand, erik gustafsson, tyler hostetter, and oliver lauridsen. goalies were sergei bobrovsky and brad phillips. team black was forwards michael chaput, justin dowling, brian flynn, shane harper, tye mcginn, kyle mountain, luke pither, zac rinaldo, and everett sheen. defensemen were jason beattie, marc-andre bourdon, jesse dudas, jordan hill, nick luukko and kevin marshall. goalies were brian stewart and adam morrison. only players to not play were goalies chris rawlings and nic riopel.

the scrimmage was a tight checking affair. there is not one player at this camp with top flight skills, but every player is a two way responsible player. i loved the forecheck from all players. you can definitely tell the difference between last years camp and this years. peter laviolette has his stamp on everything now. the scoring plays were mostly the result of this forecheck and resulting defensive miscues. scorers for team black were mcginn, mountain, and pither. orange's scorers were holmstrom, blidstrand, and lauridsen. team black won in a shoot out. my top guys today from the scrimmage were holmstrom, testwuide, harper, pither, gustafsson and marshall.

sergei bobrovsky- couldn't get a feel for him today. in the drills portion he took shots as if it were a warm up before a game, not going into the butterfly at all and just playing stand up. with that being said he was only scored on a few times while doing it. i think he did this partly because he was breaking in a new blocker and glove and wasn't comfortable with emery's pads. in the scrimmage he changed to a different glove and blocker that looked more worn. one thing you definitely notice right away with this kid is his composure and his lateral quickness. he was super calm and confident in the scrimmage where as the other goalies looked to be going all out for better or worse. the one lowlight of his day was a the one goal he gave up in the scrimmage. chaput took a hard wrister that squeeked under his arm and layed in the crease for mcguinn to tap in. not a good goal, but it was everyones first day on ice.

brad phillips- the goalie from notre dame looked bigger then what i remembered of him 2 years ago(last year missed with knee surgery). in the drills portion he looked really good. average blocker side, but an outstanding glove hand. nobody put one past his glove side. the scrimmage was unfortunately a different story. he releaved bobrovsky with the scored tied at 1 and he took the loss. i see his problems are getting lost in his crease and he didn't deal well with the black teams traffic in front of him all game.

brian stewart- another big goalie was was just plain solid. you could tell he was the oldest one there. made an absoluting stunning toe save on a wellwood partial break away. wellwood deked across the crease and had stewart beat badly but didn't get the puck up and stewart got the left toe on it.

michael chaput- big smooth skater. great on the forecheck and is always pressuring the puck carrier. good on draws and even got an assist today. offensively he slows the pace and makes smart plays, while defensively he is always attacking.

justin dowling- he was definitely the best of the try out players. good stick skills, smaller, and slippery in the offensive zone. also a good skater

shane harper- another smooth skating attacking type player. all around good skills. caused a turnover and fed pither for an easy tap in. he is going to be a good one with some extra lbs.

ben holmstrom- played center for testwuide and rowe for most of the scrimmage and they were probably the best line line on either side. great forecheck, caused several turnovers, and he and testwuide could have cycled for days. scored a goal following up testwuide's crashing of the net.

tye mcginn- big winger who uses his body well. didn't get knocked around, but i would have liked him to hit more than he did today. scored an easy goal off of bobrovsky's mishap.

luke pither- he and shane harper paired up the whole time, mostly with rinaldo. these guys didn't give the opposing players anytime or space what so ever. pither is a smooth player that doesn't jump out at you with skill, but is defintely impressive.

zac rinaldo- everyone who has read my reports from the past 2 years knows i like rinaldo. he is a canonball out there. hits like a truck and is probably one of the smaller guys out there. more skill then he gets credit for, kind of like carcillo.

mike testwuide- he pretty much is a right handed jvr with a lot less skill amd slightly worse skater. he is a highly affective player though. great at cycling and uses his body really well. not one player could take him off the puck. crashed the net real well. he defintely has a physical advantage over everyone at this camp.

eric "jammer" wellwood- he reminds me a lot of mario kempe. always going at full speed and always attacking offensively. i think kempe has better hands though. i wasn't to impressed by wellwood today. he got knocked off the puck a lot today with both stick checks and some huge hits. this is partly because of his aggressiveness. he doesn't stay to the outside at all and is always on a b line to the goalie. he didn't receive passes well at all, i attribute that to rust though.

ricard blidstrand- good size, with good skating and fairly physical. got lost in coverage on one of team blacks goals. scored on a good wrister from the point glove side and through a lot of traffic. good all around guy, who should get a lot better in the whl next year.

marc-andre bourdon- moved the puck really well today and played really physical in his own end. what i don't like though is that he tried to skate the puck up too much rather then pass it. he got the job done, but his skating isn't nhl caliber to where he will be able to do that on the next level.

erik gustafsson- best defensemen today bar none. he really is a kimmo clone. shorter, but solid. silky smooth with the puck and he controlled the whole tempo of the game when he was out there. has a great stick and made great reads in the d zone. its amazing how much he plays like timonen.

kevin marshall- he is rock solid in the defensive zone. he'll hit and take hits to make plays. didn't get much ice time in the scrimmage. i don't know if he got knicked or what. with him i worry that he is a ryan parent type player. he has a better first pass than parent but i don't know if he will contribute any offense on the next level. he will be an anchor on defense though.

alright thats all i have for you today. tomorrow is the trial on the isle, so no report from me. i will be back with more on friday when they return to the ice.

if you have any specific questions, want some more details, or want to know about a player i didn't talk about feel free to ask and i'll do my best to give you everything i can.

And here is another writeup by BSH:

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