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07-07-2010, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Cutty Sarkness
No, what I do get for drinking Coors Light is a crisp, cold, pure taste of the Rockies with half the calories of a regular brew
Dude... I'm not exactly sure what that thing was but stay away from those mini-kegs. I'm assuming it was something like that. You end up spending more time trying to get the beer out of the ****ing thing than you do drinking it. Or they foam up like crazy. Just not worth the hassle.

I too enjoy the Rocky Mountains but would much rather have a Banquet Beer than the light stuff. Coors and Coors Light are great afternoon beers. I couldn't put away 8 or 9 real beers in an afternoon like last weekend (the 4th) and stay up passed 9pm. You gotta pace yourself and those beers are perfect for that. If you get Coors Light, you never get too wasted. You pee it out before that happens.

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