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Originally Posted by Danny Duberstein View Post
Because you put it in terms of the Stanley Cup in YEAR ONE, when he will be here for the duration of his career. Is he at the peak production/physique he was at in St Louis when he was winning the Norris and Hart Trophies? No. Is he as effective or more effective than he was in 2007 hoisting a Cup with Anaheim? I believe so, yes.
He wasn't anywhere near the physical force for us last season that he was for Anaheim... not even close.

As for the cap hit, yes, I believe it would have been more logical to have a $6M cap hit for four seasons than a $6.25M for one season and a $5M for SEVEN more, however it's a moot argument because on shorter terms the cap hit would probably have been more like $7M+ which makes it much harder to justify.
I agree, but Pronger wasn't going to sign that contract and Holmgren couldn't risk losing him to UFA. Pronger had all the leverage in the world negotiating that contract. For the team's purposes and the immediate concerns of keeping our roster together, that was the ideal contract... it has it's problems, but a 6+ contract has a lot of problems with it, too.

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