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10-01-2003, 04:33 PM
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Waiver Draft, Argh, What's Going on?

After going over the NHL team's protected lists and I can't help but be extremely confused over the choices some teams have made..

Just a few examples as I'm sure some of you have found your own.

The Oilers protecting NHL busts and now European league veterans Ralph Intranuovo and Alexander Zhurik over guys like Michael Henrich or Jan Horacek?

The Panthers protecting Paul Elliot, Scott Kelman, among others over Pavel Trnka or Jaroslav Bednar?

The Sharks protecting David Clouthier, Nisse Elkman, Travis Hansen over Todd Harvey or Miroslav Zalesak (a 23 year old who finally broke into the NHL last year after finally breaking out in the AHL)?

THere are more....but i won't list em.

I'm just really really really confused at some of these protection lists.

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