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04-01-2005, 03:57 PM
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bleedgreen what about this line-up:

Alex Tanguay 4.25M-Joe Sakic $8.740.939M-Milan Hejduk 5.7M= $18.65M

Steve Konowalchuk 2.5M-Vin Damphousse 2M-Marek Svatos 0.475 M= $5M

Antti Laaksonen 0.85M-Chris Gratton 1.5M-Ian Laperriere 1.3 M= $3.65M

Riku Hahl 0.475M-Brett McLean 0.55 M-Dan Hinote 0.77M= $ 1.8M

Ex: Darby Hendrikson 0.5M, McCormick 0.4M= 0.9M

total forwards=$30M

Karlis Skrastins 1.875M-Adam Foote 4.4 M= $5.3M
John-Michael Liles 0.6 M-Rob Blake 8.349.375= $9M
Ossi Vaananen 1.0 M-Bob Boughner 1.25M= $ 2.25

Ex: Kurt Sauer 1.102 M

total= $17.6M

David Aebischer 2.5M-Phil Sauve 0.575M= $3M

total payroll= $ 50.6(roughly) x .24=12.1=$38M

so they are under with a competitve team plus $2M to work with, i'd like to see anoher team under $40M that is better than this team right here, any team fans like to try this and see

so for next year roughly this is how i see it shaping up(and i'll factor in the 24% roll back afterwards-because if there is a cap and a big if, than the roll back should most likely take affect)

Joe Sakic $8.5M
Rob Blake 8 M
Milan Hejduk 5.5M
Adam Foote 4.5 M
Alex Tanguay 4M
David Aebischer 2 M
Steve Konowalchuk 2 M
Vin Damphousse 1.5M
Karlis Skrastins 1.75M
Chris Gratton 1.5M
Ian Laperriere 1.3 M
Bob Boughner 1.25M
Kurt Sauer 1.1 M
Ossi Vaananen 1.0 M
Peter Worrell 0.8 M
Antti Laaksonen 0.85M
Dan Hinote 0.75M
John-Michael Liles 0.6 M
Phil Sauve 0.5M
Brett McLean 0.5 M
Darby Hendrikson 0.5M
Brett Clarke 0.5 M
Marek Svatos 0.475 M
Riku Hahl 0.475M

roughly 50 million x .24= 12m- 50m=38m

now if the cap is at 45m there will be no problem bringing back forsberg

if its 40m(i am sure if its this low there will be some leeway for some of the higher payroll teams for the 1st year because i cant see every team being below 40m right from the start) they could sign peter for 5m and deal away worrell, not offer damphousse a contract and see if blake and sakic will accept back pay or some other thing to get under 40m, not too bad of shape if you ask me, considering only 3 or 4 guys are under contract for next year which lacroix some flexibility to get under.[/QUOTE]

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