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07-08-2010, 04:03 AM
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New gloves or new shaft?

Budget: $120 or less

Gloves: CCM tacks from 5+ years back. Super comfortable and I love them
like an old girlfriend, but the palms have worn out. 14.5" with a looser fit.

Replacement ideas? Looking for something in all black.

Shaft: Harrow 300 black 92 flex. Lengthened to about a 86 flex. Like the feel and slapshots, but looking for something a little lighter than 360 grams to pair with an x:60 blade. I am indecisive between forward and odman so looking for an all-around performance with sturdy shaft. ~87-94 flex when measured at 61.5".


overall question, should I look at gloves or a shaft as my next purchase?

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