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07-08-2010, 07:00 AM
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The answer to a common question is: does not track the #nhl's summer cap. It projects the 2010-11 in-season cap.

The Rangers have $51,821,666 in commitments in one way contracts and players on two way contracts who spent the entire season with the Rangers. Gilroy's stint in the minors doesn't lessen his cap hit because he has a 1 way deal. Includes Brashear and his $1.4 million. Prospal at $2 million

Capgeek has Prospal at $2.1 million including the performance bonuses. That's the number Larry Brooks tweeted. Nick Kypreos tweeted $2 million.

V Prospol looking at around 1 year/ 1M base salary with Nyr. Bonus can get him near 2M

Add Rissmiller-$1 million. Girardi's $1.6 million QO and Staal's $803,250 QO. The QO's are included in the summer cap. Then you have the players on two way contracts who spent time in the NHL the previous season. Days on the roster count against the cap. Capgeek kept a daily tracker which he took down about a month ago but I kept the last tally on the two way contracts playing in the NHL.

2010-11 is a 186 day season

Chad Johnson(60 days-$274,193 cap hit for 10-11 summer cap),Dale Weise(8 days-$30,107),Evgeny Grachev(1 day-$4,390)and Byers(15 days-$40,322).

That is $55,573,928. Summer cap is $65,340,000. $9,766,072.

Say Girardi signs for $3.25 million per(cap hit). Add $1.65 million to the commitments. Add Staal's number. Say its $4 million. $60,420,678. $4.9 million until reaching the $65.34 million.

The summer cap doesn't include MZA or McDonagh. If they make the team,the Rangers need to clear $3 million to fit them on the roster. Bonuses are included in the cap hit.

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