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10-01-2003, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
1- I don't think it was a personnal attack & if so , you should watch your comments also because you often attack me (if you see it that way) regarding most arguments I made.
Quote my personal attacks and I'll be ready to give you apologies right away.

Originally Posted by Russian Fan
2- Im not in the Panthers cabinet so I can't why he's not protected but if for you every GM are competent & never made any mistake than it's your opinion.

Leafs put Steve Sullivan on waiver a few years ago & was claim by the Hawks (If I remember about this) , does that meant he was an AHL because last time I recall , he was a top 6 ..

Originally Posted by Russian Fan
3- My name is Russian Fan , does that mean I will defend every russian who played on the NHL ? Your name is Saku K & a Habs fan, are you always biased toward the team ?
Simply wanted to find an explanation why you attacked me.

Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Also stop being childish, you have a moderator status & you come in here treat people like you are like every other poster , that's the thing I dont like about you but I dont make a big deal out of it.
Childish, based on what? I don't understand why you hate me that much even if I am just giving my opinion and if I disagree with you, you will jump at my throat and call me childish? Just because I disagree with you, you bashed me and then I say you bashed me then you call me childish? I don't understand.

Originally Posted by Russian Fan
My reply to your comment was because you dont hesitate to call someone with flaws argument when yours about because a player is waive ,he is definitely trash AHLer or euro-bound.

If you plan to critic someone with flaws argument dont be shocked if you treated the same.
You said I was basing myself on +/- no proof have been given, did I say he was definitely trash AHler or euro-bound? If it was my opinion by the way why would it bother you that much? This is an opinion instead of debating you call me uneducated and say I use +/- as my main argument.

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