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07-08-2010, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by MissionHockey View Post
Right now I have Bauer One50s. They serve me well although they are a little wobbly sometimes. I got them sharpened before my game last night and the guy who sharpened them gave me a lecture about how I needed better skates. He said that the One50s were for beginners/D level competitors. I'm no Sidney Crosby, but I'm probably an above average B level player. This guy told me that my skates should be in the $350 range.

I'm starting to consider it, but I would like some advice before I invest that kind of money. I don't really pay attention to new gear except for hockey sticks. I'd also like to stick with bauer since the pair I have now is pretty comfortable.
If the guy has never seen you skate, and if he owns the shop, he's probably just trying to sell you a pair of skates.

How long have you been skating/playing???

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