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07-08-2010, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafOfBread View Post

I'd definitely do this trade, get rid of that 2.9M and acquire a decent prospect
Too bad the Leafs are attempting to win games this year....

$2.9m is hardly a bad salary for a guy who will problably put up 55 points this year, and Blake Kessel is nothing more than a guy like Jerry d'Amigo...problably give the edge to d'Amigo simply because he's 1 year behind...

Originally Posted by IrMitchell View Post
Grabovski may be our best centre point wise (to date), but he's the least fitting.

I would trade Grabs for Blake Kessel + a 4th rounder any day.
He's a lot more fitting than Hanson & Mitchell, who are our only remaining NHL centres. Notice the lack of Bozak & Kadri being mentioned. Bozak seems to be better fitting, and Kadri has done nothing to suggest he will be any sort of fit at the NHL level, nevermind a 50 point player.... the overrating of prospects (especially leaf ones) continues to amaze...

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