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07-08-2010, 11:53 PM
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Really, check your stick flex

I just bought my first "modern" stick. An Easton S3 with the Zetterberg curve. Int. flex rated 65. I was previously using an Easton Ultra-Lite with an 85 flex. I have an extension in the Ultra-Lite about 2 inches. Both sticks are the same length.

My snap shot was not so good. Slappers were hit and miss. Wrist shot was great. (with the 85 flex)

I don't have the best technique in the world but stepping down to an int. 65 flex has tremendously improved my snap shot. Incredible amounts. I almost can't believe how much more effortless it seems to shoot now with great results. I haven't tried a slapper yet. I'm both worried about breaking my newfound awesomeness and I almost never have to take one in a game situation where I play anyway.

I don't believe my technique is that great, but using a lower flex stick made quite the improvement. This is without changing a thing in my shot. Not to mention the mental confidence boost that is given; which seems to help everything else.

Don't be worried about some guys giving you grief because you use a weaker flex than them. Try it out. I bet it'll help.

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