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07-09-2010, 05:13 AM
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How are you doing your squats? Specifically, are you doing them very, very heavy (for you), in very low rep ranges? This is the most beneficial way to lift for explosive power. Single leg squats are great also. When you're skating your using one leg to explode at a time, and there are all kind of other muscles being called on that don't get used the same way in a regular squat. Dead lifts are pretty important too (most guys who do squats do deadlifts, just figured I'd say it just in case).

A lot of sprinters use isometric exercises to get their muscles to develop maximum power very early in the contraction (explosive power). So pretty much any exercise you would normally do, adapted to work isometrically will help your muscle develop a greater percentage of it's peak power right away. Of course working to increase your strength still helps.

Good luck.

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