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10-01-2003, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Isle Be Back
With all due respect to our humble moderator, I think he is missing an important point here.

NYI1 - There is a limit you know. Just because Chabada and Hamilton and the guys on two year deals are not protected doesn't mean the organization doesn't want them or is hoping someone will take them away. You can't protect everybody. If you want to protect one or two or five, you need to give us one or two or five names on the protected list to let go. Korolev is one, and I can't explain that, but that is about it.

There may be players here they are hoping to part with but probably very few.
IBB, Your absolutely right and sure the Isle may very well want to keep all of them, and of course they cannot protect everyone. Korolev stood out for me, Butenschon also, but some players had to go on that list who were doing a good job and at aside from those two every other player the Isles needed to protect, IMHO.

To tell you the truth I did not take a closer look at who they protected and forgot it was 18 players and two goalies when I wrote the above message. I half expected to see Martin Kariya, Blaine Down, Grahame Belak and some players who are appparently exempt. Sometimes you see retired players from years ago on these kind of lists, I think last year an Islander from the mid 80's was included who's rights were here but never played a game and was in his late thirties. A former Ranger used to make the Oilers list years after he was gone.

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