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Caps Prospects

Sk84fun- you seem to be the resident scholar on all Caps prospect issues. I was curious about a couple of former Caps draft picks, and whether or not the team still held their rights. Maybe you can help?

1. Brent Gwidt - Drafted in the 6th round in 2006, and is currently 22 years old. Playing NCAA hockey for Nebraska-Omaha. Noticed he isn't on the dev camp roster, and he's not listed on the WashingtonCaps official website as one of their NCAA prospects...

2. Brett Bruneteau - Drafted in the 4th round in 2007, and is currently 21 years old. Playing NCAA hockey for North Dakota. Also wasn't on the dev camp roster or the WashingtonCaps website as an NCAA prospect...

3. Pasi Salonen - Drafted in the 5th round in 2004 and is currently 24 years old. Playing for Ilves in the Finnish SM-Liiga. Never heard if we released his rights or what happened...since he was drafted prior to the lockout, don't we theoretically hold his rights until he's 31? He's still listed on the Caps website as a European Prospect

4. Peter Guggisberg - Drafted in the 6th round in 2004 and is currently 25 years old. Playing for Davos in the Swiss National League A (NLA). He's actually the best player on the team, and putting up great stats. Same is true with him and Salonen- never heard if we released his rights, because otherwise I would think we hold them until he is 31. He's also listed on the Caps website as a European Prospect (though his name is misspelled).

5. Mikhail Yunkov - Drafted in the 2nd round in 2004 and is currently 24 years old. Playing for Ak Bars in the KHL. I keep seeing rumors that he wants to come over and play here, but he's not very good for Ak Bars, so I'd be surprised if we signed him. He's also still listed on the Caps website as a European Prospect.

I also had questions about Nick Larson and Andrew Glass, but it looks like you're not sure about their status either. What is the scoop with Josh Godfrey? Do you know if his contract counts against the Caps 50-contract maximum? Any light you could shed on these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I'm not sure how accurate the Caps Prospect Page is on their website since they still have Justin Taylor and Brett Leffler listed, and we released their rights a year ago.

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First Post Updated

Notes: Only 3 players on my original list not on the roster and no surprises, i.e., the free agent invites are not listed.

Miskovic is on the list although currently RFA, he did receive a qualifying offer.

Andrew Glass not on roster; possible he was invited and can't attend due to conflict and/or injury; note he has attended in previous summers and as an NCAA player has to pay his own way.

Josh Godfrey not on list, but Bruess is. The 2 players that didn't get assigned to Hershey after SC's season was over. Godfrey did have a concussion near the end of the season only returning for 1 game before sitting again. He has also attended a number of camps in the past, but question his future in the organization anyway (I know I'm not alone on that topic.)

Larson - Not on roster; has never attended as an NCAA player and still not clear if Caps are even holding his rights anymore.

(Original Text removed from first post:
This is a bit early since the Caps haven't announced the schedule details or a roster yet, but since it is a little over a week away...

Anyway, if the mods want to keep up great; if they want to lock it until the official info. is released go ahead.

This is just a list of prospects (Caps hold rights) and contracted players - All speculation right now, although there have been a few mentions in articles about certain players planning to attend including several of the new draft picks. No indication from the Capitals as of now, which players are expected to be in attendance. Not sure if Holtby and Miskovic would be invited/expected to attend given their seasons in the AHL and have attended camp before; also, Miskovic is RFA right now; based on history both attending and not attending has occurred in this situation.) Larson is the only one I'm not sure if they still are holding his rights or if they released them at some point.)

Andrew Glass (NCAA; 2007 draft)
Josh Godfrey (ELC; 2007 draft)
Nick Larson (Minn. HS/USHL; 2007 draft)

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