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Originally Posted by OldSchoolCaps84 View Post
Sk84fun- you seem to be the resident scholar on all Caps prospect issues. I was curious about a couple of former Caps draft picks, and whether or not the team still held their rights. Maybe you can help?

1. Brent Gwidt - ...

2. Brett Bruneteau - ...

3. Pasi Salonen - ...

4. Peter Guggisberg - ...

5. Mikhail Yunkov - ...

I also had questions about Nick Larson and Andrew Glass, but it looks like you're not sure about their status either. What is the scoop with Josh Godfrey? Do you know if his contract counts against the Caps 50-contract maximum? Any light you could shed on these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I'm not sure how accurate the Caps Prospect Page is on their website since they still have Justin Taylor and Brett Leffler listed, and we released their rights a year ago.
FYI, some of this information is in the contract thread.

Bruneteau's and Gwidt's rights were released.

The new CBA changed the rules for European prospects drafted under the old CBA. There was new expirations set depending on the draft class. Salonen and Guggisberg had to be signed, I want to say by 2007 (update, nope make that 2008) for the 2004 European draft picks, but they were not signed so their rights are no longer held by the Caps.

The exception with European draft picks are situations where the expiration date for rights occurred while there was no transfer agreement. For example Hedman and Yunkov. And then there was a new Swedish transfer agreement and Caps didn't sign him so he's now UFA.

Yunkov on the other hand, the Caps still own his rights due to being a Russian draft pick and the transfer agreement situation up until now. So on that list, the only one that it is my understanding the Caps are still retaining the rights to and listing on the reserve list is Yunkov, unless something has changed recently, I believe this is still the case.

oops: I missed a few of your questions,

Godfrey counts against the 50 contract count...see the contract thread.

Yes, the Caps roster list is typically inaccurate; I've been told this is in part due to the way the website and the NHL stuff coordinates???

My best guess on Larson is that they released his rights, but nothing to back that up and it's simply a guess. He's an NCAA player so as I noted before it's pay your own way Glass not sure, I assume they are still holding his rights and as I noted before it's simply an issue of pay your own way, conflict, injury or some combination of those.

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