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07-09-2010, 12:06 PM
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Slapshot Mechanics Related to Baseball Swing?

I thought this was worthy of a separate discussion topic.

After watching the video Dump and Chase linked to yesterday, I went and shot some pucks (unfortunately the camera died), and really liked the increase in power I was getting from engaging my core.

Mostly I had some success starting with my hips more facing the net and rotating my shoulders back and away. Especially with the wrist shot, as I would almost reach behind me for the puck. This actually worked really well to increase backhand strength too.

Today I started thinking about a baseball swing and found there were FAR more videos on YouTube about swing rotation and hips. It's like there's a lot less voodoo in regards to baseball than hockey, where it seems like less of an exact science (or at least not yet universally accepted and taught?).

Here was an interesting video about rotational swing in slow motion, specifically the shoulders and hips:

What I saw was that he has his hips perpendicular to the target and brings his shoulders back to engage the core.

Another video that shows a lot of power from torque, and using the step to open up the hips.

Here are some hockey videos:

Okay Shawn Thornton isn't the king of the slapper, but he takes a quick step to open up the hips, then rotates the shoulders. The position of the hands and arms is different, but the body itself is kind of similar...right?

Another one...Heatley, hard to see, but he opens up the hips, then rotates the shoulders. He's more on top of the puck, but similar motion.

Again, not the prettiest motion, but opens up the hips, then rotates the shoulders. I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Also notice how he keeps his top hand close to the body and the lower hand away, drives through it to flex the stick.

So am I on the wrong track here? Any of you guys play baseball and have a good slapper?

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