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07-09-2010, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
You can't be serious? I'm no Shelley fan, and hate the signing as much as the next guy. But you don't sign a guy, and pay him 1.1 only to waive him later. It just doesn't happen. Absolute worst case is that he's your 13th forward.

I'm also moderately skeptical of Turco at 2 million. We offered him 2 million a year for 3 years and he refused. Now, it may be more appealing at 1 year as opposed to 3, and his market is dwindling, but I'd be surprised if Turco took 2 million at this point in time. If this goes on for another few weeks, he may eventually settle on it, but I'm not so sure.
Eh, the writing is kind of on the wall for 'em. I understand why he'd turn down the original offer prior to July 1st... just to see what was out there (I also think he expected SJ to make an offer). Now... he's sort of gotta take what he can get. Of all the things Homer has done thus far, the signing of Leighton prior to July 1st remains the most perplexingly idiotic.

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