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07-09-2010, 04:27 PM
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now that girardi is signed, glen has to be full throttle on getting staal locked up. not really sure what to believe in the rumors that have been floated, whether staal wants bigger money than we want to part with or is ok with less money until he is a ufa.

personally, i say give him seabrook type money taking account inflation, so say somewhere between3.6-4.4, depending on the years. i would like to see him turn a corner with his play though. he's so gifted and his defensive zone hockey iq is off the charts. the little plays made to get the puck and get it out of the zone are chronically underrated and hes got quite a few in his arsenal. but he also seems to be going through the motions a lot of games. sure he'll have a great game by most dman standards, but he plays at another level on only 4 occasions: when he plays ovechkin, when he plays crosby/jordan, when he plays eric, and when he gets run. one of his greatest performances was the game against the kings when dustin brown tried several times to run him through the boards and just bounced off staal. meanwhile, staal kept posession of the puck and calmly proceeded with his breakout. he also took a license plate and attempted to wreck brown later but only got a piece of him. regardless, i want that attitude all the time if he's getting big time money. his balance and defensive prowess are outstanding though and he still has some untapped offensive potential - maybe somewhere in the 40pt neighborhood. give him 2 options, 3.6 range now til ufa or 4.4 range a few years into ufa. he has no leverage in the negotiations, make him earn the big money over the next couple years or overpay slightly for prospective growth longer term.

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