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07-09-2010, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by jfried View Post
That's because 55 points is the minimum realistic expectation. He's got the talent for 70; but that would require a significant improvement in consistency. 55 would be a minor improvement. He is 26 years old, but his problem isn't the lack of size or skill; it's the consistency and hockey sense. That doesn't improve with age, it improves with experience.

Any team that trades for him, is PROBLABLY going to get 55+ points out of him if he plays a full season. Just like the Leafs trading for Kris Versteeg, we're problably going to get 25+ goals out of him if he plays a full season.
Just like any team that traded for Grabovsky last season was probably going to get a 55+ point player? After all, a 15% improvement from year one to year two is reasonable.

Grabovski getting 55+ points this year is plausable, but not probable. Look at Kostytsin...scored 53 points in his first full season, went down to 41, and instead of rebounding to post 55+ he went down to 33.

Grabovsky has the potential to score 55 points this year, but it is in no way unreasonable to believe he scores less. It is not unrealistic to expect him to score the same as last year, or even slightly less

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