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07-10-2010, 01:29 AM
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He's a good 4th liner but i was hoping he wouldn't be resign. Not saying that because there's any issue with Glass. He's a great 4th liner and should be on our 4th line... only problem is AV for some strange reason loves playing him on the 3rd line over Hansen and even at times slotted him in the 2nd line. Glass realistically has little offensive skill and should only be on the 4th line. I hope AV finally learns that this season.

As for the signing itself, i kinda expected 550-600k (QO = 550k) so slightly higher than expect but the 25-75k isn't going to make or break the roster. With this signing and possibly Hansen, it looks like a dog fight come training camp/pre-season for the bottom 6 spots.

Also all these 1 way contract doesn't make any difference beside actual money the player makes (and Glass probably deserves the money based on his play last year). These players will still need to clear waivers when travelling between the minors and NHL regardless of what they get. Don't be surprised (actually i expect) a few of our 1 way contracts to be playing in the minors. Since Glass got a 1 way, its safe to assume Hansen will as well so we have:


all on 1 way contracts competing for 3rd/4th line spots. Altho its possible they all make the team, its also quite possible at least 1 doesn't. We also have all the following fighting for the same 5 spots (not going to count Burrow's spot as he will come back)

Hodgson, Cody (he's expected to make the team, if he doesn't, i have a feeling he'll demand a trade)
Shirokov, Sergei (likely to make the team based on his performance last pre-season and in the AHL, if he doesn't make the team, he'll likely be willing to play another year in the AHL but i have a feeling he'll really make a push)
Schroeder, Jordan (long shot to make the team but he was impressive with the moose last year)
Volpatti, Aaron (long shot, but he fits the description of what MG wants to add... someone fast, who hits, tough to play against, etc also has some offensive of upside)
Oreskovich, Victor (scouts were high on him, hits, fast, supposely a 2 way game, expected to make the team's 4th line as he, like Volpatti, fits the description of what MG wants and has more NHL experience)
Desbiens, Guillaume (extreme long shot, responsible defensive player, pretty much no chance of making the team unless he has a super offensive of season)
Tambellini, Jeff (will get every chance to make the team, process a ton of offensive skill and a very good wrist shot, great @ shootouts too, basically signed as competition for Hogs/Shirokov/Sch/etc)
Rodin, Anton (extreme long shot, tons of offensive skill and actually processes a great 2 way game but is still very raw and probably needs 1-2 years in the AHL before NHL ready)
Bliznak, Mario (long shot, was probably the best defensive forward on the moose last year, so his defensive of play might earn him the 4th line center spot)
Bolduc, Alexandre (will be given chances to make the team, completes with Ripper and Bliznak for 4th line center probably, responsible defensively with a good shot)

So that's at least 10 players who might make the team as well making a total of 15 for 5 spots.

Does the 4th line look bad? It looks inexperience but with so many players competing for the spots, it probably isn't too bad. Also with so many players who don't need to clear waivers, we might be able to rotate throw them if needed. Would be most ideal if someone like Bliznak really impresses the coaches and makes the team as a 13th forward (as we don't need to pay his salary if we play him on the moose). Plus the 4th line only plays 5-8 minutes a game, doesn't matter a lot who's there. They only play more than 8 minutes during a blowout. The line probably won't produce much (if any) but who really cares? We just need them to hit, fight, and try to not give up too many goals when they are on the ice. If they have an EVEN rating, thats already an upgrade over last year and we are going to pay them at least 750k less than last year.

The 3rd line will likely have a solid center + hogs who is our top prospect. The "PLUG" might not be the best player but it will either be one of our better prospects or someone we sign for a mil/get back in a trade. Any way you look at it, the line should have some offensive skill and responsible defensively. Its not like our 3rd line was great for most of last year so it likely that the 3rd line is already better (at least on paper).

Remember players that are unknown could surprise and be solid. The Hawks 3rd and 4th line were mostly made up of prospects too and they made a name for themselves. Its pretty much the perfect model for the salary cap era.

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