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07-10-2010, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by torero View Post
Very interesting and impressive.

Do you include all the young guys that will be playing in Canada next year ... in CHL on the Swiss side or do you also exclude them from the Czech roster ?? (ex Alain Berger, Nils Berger, Dominique Schlumpf, Sven Bartschi ... etc ... )

(I am very ignorant about the Czech players on your list ... therefore I ask this )

My ultimate question being : are we comparing apple to apple and pear to pear with these lists ?
If you look closely, the only two undrafted players on my list are Musil and Frk and I only included them because they are both potential top 5 picks. I didn't include anyone playing in the CHL except for the two I mentioned as well as Sbisa and Niedereitter. I even gave the Swiss a boost by adding Mayer, Simek, Jorg and Weber, so I don't think I'm taking away from them at all.

Originally Posted by TheNextOneX View Post
I guess your confusing on which nation have more NHLer. In that case, yeah, the Czech or the Slovaks have more players but that doesn't mean they're teams are better than ours.

During the Olympics in Torino in 2006, Swi manage to beat the Czech 3-2, a team which had all their NHL superstars.

Personaly, i think the NHL is overrated.
The Swiss also managed to beat Canada twice, but that doesn't mean that they're better than Canada. Teams get lucky sometimes and pull off wins against far superior opponents. It's part of the sport.

Why is it that you think the NHL is overrated? You realize that the league minimum is around $500K per season, right? They don't take just anyone from this league, it is the best league in the world because they can attract the best players. Why else do you think players like Ovechkin, Malkin, Semin, Kovy, the Sedin's, Lidstrom, Chara, Hiller and the rest of the European players that can make it come over to play? These guys could make the same, if not more money in the KHL, but they all stay because it's the NHL.

Look at the European leagues. Outside of a few guys in the KHL (Nabby, Jagr, Radulov, etc.) the majority of the players in those leagues are AHL/ECHL calibur players who go back home (or NA's go over) to collect a bigger paycheck because they can't crack NHL rosters. If they could make an NHL team, I bet you the vast majority of them would be over here making $700k+ per season instead of the $150kish they make in Europe.

So please, explain to me why you think the NHL is overrated.

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