Thread: Speculation: The Preds' "Huge" Move
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07-10-2010, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
If GM keeps drafting players and they continue to fail then he won't have a job long. So you can tell if a player has it or not and how he will project in the future...has anyone of your prediction come true. Of course it's a hard job. They get paid well for their job for normal people excluding professional athletes salaries. You said blame the player but more players fail than suceed but a GM is supposed have more sucesses than failures. The harder job is to be a sucessful athlete.
I'm not really sure where your point is in all of this, but if you're claiming that a GM should be able to draft more successful NHL players than unsuccessful you are in a different world. But just so you know on the current Preds roster we have Weber, Suter, Rinne, Hornqvist, Wilson, Legwand, Erat, Franson, Tootoo, and Klein who were all drafted by Poile with Blum looking to be ready to make the jump. Geoffrion is on the verge, as are a handful of others. Dumont was a highly undervalued player when he was brought in, and has continued to be near the top of the team in scoring regardless of negative opinions held by many. Joel Ward was a complete unknown when he came in, and he has been a very serviceable player. Marcel Goc was another under-used player Poile saw, brought in, and has turned into a good fit.

Not to mention seeing something in one Barry Trotz, giving him his first opportunity to coach in the NHL on a team that has had to spend between the middle and bottom of the league. That has resulted in five play off appearances since 2004 (and I don't want to hear this crap about no first round wins. YOU get ANY team to the play offs once and you can cry about it). People can hate all they want, but Trotz impressed me last season. The sentiment that was held during the last off season was our roster needed scoring, we wouldn't make the play offs without a big signing, and Poile/Trotz need to be replaced was met with an outstanding season where this offensively anemic team stayed in the middle of the league in scoring. When the team played to the hard-work-defense-first-score-by-committee system we could've beaten anyone.

As far as seeing into the future goes, Poile still hasn't gotten the skill down completely but he's sure trying to fool everybody into thinking he has. I think your beef with him is mostly based on your own imagination.

Anyway, this isn't a GM thread. Have your opinion, but could you at least make it more clear what that opinion actually is and why you have it?

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