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07-10-2010, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
Ok, your post is full of speculation, but none of what you say really disproves me. Kovy is a grey area because we don't know what he will do. Ovechkin and Semin on the other hand are perfect examples of guys who don't want to play in the KHL. Semin just signed a 1 year extension so that he can remain a member of the Caps, while Ovechkin signed a 13 year contract extension! He could have easily walked, but he has stated that he wants to play here. Also, look at Malkin. He signed 7 or so year extension to stay in Pittsburgh. Who cares if they talk to those teams? They aren't going to leave the NHL to go play there until they aren't good enough to be NHL stars.

Why are you bringing up Torino and the WC as proof that the NHL is overrated? You really believe that those nations are catching up? Or do you think they may just be improving? Either way look at the best players on each team: Belarus- Grabo, Kostitsyn bro's, Salei, Koltsov, Kalyuzhin, Denisov. The first four are in the NHL and the last three couldn't cut it (Kalyuzhin wasn't drafted). Germany has Hecht, Sturm, Ehrhoff, Seidenberg, Sulzer, Holzer, Goc, Schubert, Greiss, Endras who all have current or last season had NHL contracts. Italy has 0 players in the NHL or KHL. Latvia has Bartulis, Kulda, Skratsins, Daugavins, Karsums, Sprukts with the last two not being able to crack the NHL full time, while being given ample opportunity.

I don't see where you're going with this. The best players on all of those teams play in NHL organizations. The score in a few games at an Olympics in 2006 doesn't really have any impact on today and WC's are not really a good tournament to judge nations by because most of them are missing their best players because of the playoffs. These small nations aren't catching up, they are just improving. As long as Canada, Russia, Sweden and USA all continue to produce top end NHL talent, these nations will continue to dominate. Look at any of the rosters I just mentioned from the 2010 Olympics and show me how any of Latvia, Belarus, Germany, Switzerland or Italy are catching up. Look at the amount of players being drafted from each and that will give you a good idea on how amazing they are getting.
Finally I don't only partly agree - I do fully agree with this post. Right you are.


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