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07-10-2010, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Pwood View Post
Thanks! Here is the (close to) finished product. I'm going to add some color, some text, and block in some shadow as well.

P.S. - Someone of your talents would be an Illustrator pro in no time. It just takes familiarity and practice, just like most programs.
I'd seriously consider leaving a copy as is. It's really nice like this as well. Would make a great t-shirt! LOL
I've dabbled here and there with it, just don't have the patience anymore. haha.

Originally Posted by OriginJM View Post
In the Trial on the Isle thread, someone had an idea for Jules to make a "Carter hates me-- What can you do?" avatar, I was wondering if you could possibly make that? I'd enjoy it forever.
I'll check out the thread for what the specifics were and give it a shot.

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