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Originally Posted by LaLaLaprise View Post
Being part of a 'team' is the best aspect in my opinion. And each CHL team has something like 10 scouts on average...60 teams, 10 scouts...thats 600 scouts...

Not to mention its rare that you go right from scouting CHL to scouting NHL. I know a couple QMJHL-Area scouts for NHL teams, and all of them were at one time QMJHL GM' its not like you can just jump right up from scout to have to pay your dues as a head scout first, than GM...and those positions arent exactly easy to get either.
absolutely correct. the thing seems to be....once you get one of these positions, its very difficult to lose it. i don't know about the qmjhl level, but at the nhl level, it seems once you have an nhl job, you have an nhl job for life. the nhl scouts might get fired from their team, but it seems they play musical chairs and end up with another team.

the only answer is to make enough money to buy your own team. then take whatever job you want.

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