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07-10-2010, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Kermit the Prog View Post
"We people" understand perfectly well, thank you.
What YOU do not seem to comprehend is that Gagne is a valuable trading asset regardless if Holmgren made the moves he did.
No, I understand that perfectly fine. You know who else is a valuable trading asset? Carter. Richards. Giroux. JVR. Pretty much any other productive player on our team. I'm not sure what kind of point you can make by saying that Gagne has trade value.

The plan may have been to move Gagne all along and not an "Oops, guess we have to trade Gagne now" scenario, as you think it is.
I never said that Homer may or may not have planned it, did I? I said, he screwed up. The act of ****ing up isn't necessarily unintentional.

I like Gagne, but Gagne is not the Flyers to me. To many people, he IS the Flyers in the sense he has been there from the "beginning" for many younger fans.
He's been a life-time Flyer and players like that generally get treated a bit better.

Regardless, he ****ed up and getting rid of Gagne makes us considerably worse. Which isn't acceptable considering that the team is in a "win-now" mode with a short window of opportunity at the Cup most likely.

Originally Posted by Mgkibbles View Post
Injury history, drop in production, age, salary.
1) The injury history thing has been proven to be a myth time-and-time again.

I swear, some people just parrot what they hear. If you look over Gagne's injury history, there's no indication that he's an injury-prone player.

2) He's actually had better production post-lockout then pre-lockout. If there's been any drop in production then it's a marginal drop. He's still a 30-goal, 70-point, two-way player in a full season. That's first-line winger material.

3) Age? He's fricking 30. The earliest reasonable age to expect his prime to end, is 33. Many players are still able to be productive even beyond that. Briere, our best playoff performer, is 32. Should we trade that old, washed-up, injury-prone player too?

4) His salary is perfectly reasonable for what he brings. He's our best winger and a life-time Flyer. Hartnell, Briere, Meszaros, and Carle are all guys who are more expendable then Gagne (although Briere might be arguable).

Even if you think he makes too much, he comes off the books after this season. He was making perfectly acceptable money for his production, there are several players more expendable then him, and he comes off the books after this season. So, before Homer totally ****ed up our cap, his salary was no problem in absolutely no way, shape, or form.

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