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07-11-2010, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by NomNomNom View Post
LA needs to follow SJs lead here and pounce on a rival:

An offer of 6M x 3YR, would be pretty sneaky move by LA.

At worst, you make Anaheim sign a contract that would not be a favorable one for the Ducks.

Duck's will be coughing up more then they wanted to pay for, Bobby Ryan, by 1M (Their offer being at 5M) but also would be make Ryan a UFA at the end of the contract.

I understand that the Ducks are trying to offer Ryan a more lucrative (although sub-6M/yr) offer to stay long term, and a less financially favorable short term deal. I think the hold up is Ducks trying to avoid the 3 year term all together.

I also understand, Anaheim has an internal cap by management (Although, I could be wrong)

At best, LA picks up Bobby Ryan! and based on last seasons compensation, LA would have to pay up just a First, Second, and a Third. Chump change for LA

It's a win-win! (for LA )
if you do that you better hope that doughty and johnson are locked up before july 1st 2011

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