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07-11-2010, 05:34 AM
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Originally Posted by TheNextOneX View Post
It's bogus thinking right there. Personaly i disagree completely with both of you smitty and pokechecker on which i called him an ign*** NHL scouts, and my message got delete because some N.A. manager website "overreact" over my post by attacking an NHL scouts...No surprise why the majority of N.A. fans thinks the same ways as you two.

Those Russians have stated they can go back in KHL if they don't play in Sochi. KHL still an option for them. Once the league improve its facilities, structure and sign more big names and others things, they may even consider to come back in their homeland. Russians definitely prefer playing in their homeland than in N.A. Their "hearts" is in Russia NOT in the NHL.

The wrong thinking is to think that looking at the amount of players being drafted from each and to think this will give you a good idea on how good there countries will fare in competitions. Drafting are made by GM scouts who most of them are conservative and prefer drafting N.A. based players. N.A. based players will always have a favoritism over the European players, which of course give tremendous advantage to Canadians and US players. Many Swiss players such as Conz and Berger weren't drafted because of some "criteria" but they're is no doubt that they are better players than most N.A. based players who were drafted.

Those countries which i mention have no "superstars" in the NHL but players who play in the NHL. Despite the gap, they still can put a fight with the big nations and lose only by a few goals.

During the WHC 2010 finals, Czech republic has beaten Russia 2-1 who plays with almost all their superstars from the Olympics. Except the goalie and a defenseman, czech players plays mostly in KHL.

The ZSC-lions defeated the Stanley cup champions 2-1 at the Victoria Cup.

The NHL is certainly not an "extraterrestrial" hockey league anymore, and yes it is overrated...
Nobody tells that the NHL is or was an "extraterrestrial" league. I don't know where you have such a strange idea.

Your examples for comparing the level are not really well chosen in my eyes. The WC is usually a third-priority-tournament for good NHLers and in years with the Olympics it's even just a fourth-priority-tournament. The game between the Black Hawks and the ZSC-Lions was even a sixth or seventh-priority for the Black Hawks and if you want to judge these results in games between NHL-teams and non NHL-teams and analyse them in the last 10 years...the statistic is just brutal for the non- NHL-teams, I think the other team who did beat an NHL-team was the AHL-farm-team who did beat the Flyers somehow...Actually all this reminds me of my time with the FCZ (professional soccer-team in Switzerland). We sometimes organised test games between the 1st team and the reserves and usually the reserves did win... but nobody really did think seriously that the reserve-team-players are better or even close...

To come back to your statement: I agree to a certain point that it's not fair to just count the amount of NHL-players because in my eyes the difference of quality between the best 100 players playing in European leagues and 3rd of 4th-liners in the NHL is very small but - the quality-difference between top2-unit-players in the NHL and the rest of the world - this is a pretty big gap. So in my eyes it would be a fair comparison between countries if you count their NHL-impact-players, difference-makers.

Thomas Roost
Central Scouting Europe / NHL

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