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07-11-2010, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Pokechecker View Post
I politely ask you for more precise criticism. I didn't tell that the Olympics is a fourth-priority-tournament. I did tell that the WC in years when there are also Olympics is a fourth-priority-tournament. In deed I guess the Olympics have a high priority in the eyes of hockey-players. For North Americans it's the Stanley-Cup as 1st priority and the Olympics already 2nd and for European players I even guess that they give the Olympics at least the priority what they give to the Stanley Cup.

Of course the Black Hawks are polite and classy in not telling cheap excuses after the surprising loss to the ZSC Lions but everybody still knows what priority this game had for the Black Hawks, and yes -they played with their best players, no question about that... but still, I guess we are watching different movies if you really believe that this game was more than an exhibition game for the Black Hawks and I guess we don't want to start to spread the facts that the Black Hawks were before the season, did make the trip just 48 hours ago and I don't know how many practices they had on the big sheet and if I remember right there was also a game the night before vs an even better Swiss team. What was the result there, I can't remember? And yes still.... the Lions played very, very well in this game and proof exactly what I did present in an earlier today's hockey and soccer, even much worse teams can hold onto a tight result even if they have the much worse players. This is a tendency of modern sports. Playing defense to close perfection is the first step not so good teams can do and in todays world a lot of not so good teams play defense close to perfect. Switzerland did beat Spain in soccer...but still not just one Spanish team is thinking one split-second of hiring a Swiss player from this team...and the polite Blackhawks? Did they hire a Lions-player, did they draft a Swiss player? No they didn't and I guarantee you that the reason is definitely not that they are stupid... Yes, they did give an invitation to Patrick Geering for some summer-camp in Chicago, fair enough and congratulations to Patrick, he deserves this great experience, this made even some headline-letters in the Swiss hockey-media. Do you know how many try-out-invitations the Black Hawks did give to players who never were drafted and who are not under an NHL-contract? I guess it's more than 30...

Thomas Roost
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Should i reminds you that they don't do this exhibition for the fans, but for the NHL team. Watching HC Davos playing an overspeed system against arguably one the fastest NHL teams was suicidal of course. The score was 9-2 but this one was meaningless.

Because the ones coming over to Europe for a Cup or NHL season start game have a right to get a decent warm up to fight the jet lag and to build some confidence on the big ice. And all of this of course without any players injured.

That's what SC Bern and HC Davos had to do and perfectly did. Davos was a bit better than Bern, because Davos made them not only confident, but slightly overconfident.

Why saying that the Blackhawks did not draft any Swiss players because of the result of this Victoria cup? is that has anything to do with what we were saying?!?

Well the Blackhawks has more than 72 kids coming to their prospect camps. They do have an incredible depths what?!?....

I also recalled that El Nino wanted to play for the Blackhawks and those "Hawks agents" really wanted to add "El Nino" on their rosters but the price for the Hawks to trade down was simply too much to get him.

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