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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
It isn't about what the best value we could've got for him. Our GM was high on Lars Eller and wanted Lars Eller, to be quite frank for a prospect, to our team, he has more value then most other teams could've offered. Almost like a reverse-Markov situation, sure we could get better "value" overall, but could we get a better fit?

Eller is a prospect that is in the mold of a player we could definitely use, a sure fire fit for our team and needed asset.

Maybe other teams could've given NHL ready players, a top 6 forward, etc, stuff that would've addressed immediate needs possibly but far less long term needs.

Habs are developing size now and Eller was the only way they were going to be able to start developing size that is NHL ready now till 5 years from now, not 3 years from now till 5 years from now.

Eller was the real deal and St. Louis and Montreal make good partners. (Maybe not now though). Either way they're out west. I think St. Louis/Dallas are probably Gauthiers main 2 trading partners, not because they're fits but possibly because the relationships with those franchises are good.

If you pretend the D'ago deal was part of this deal, which it very well could have been made in advance. Maybe part of the deal was we give you Pulashaj now, later when you're done your playoff run we get Halak for Eller. Looking at it as a hole, it isn't such a bad deal after all. (Remember how pissed St. Louis fans were when they lost this guy for D'ago? Now habs fans are sort of pissed about what we got for Halak, it balances it out a bit though imo, we ***** their team of 2 of their best prospects and a fighter prospect, and they got a goalie out of it who may be a top 10 goalie in the league, he also may not be though. Remember with any young player it's always a gamble, I don't doubt Halak personally but many people do.)

We get the better of 3 prospects in the deal. They get the better NHLer in the deal (if D'ago can be called one)

I think it was the reason Gauthier didn't wait to hear other offers. He had probably made the deal in advance. He was high on Eller plain and simple.
I am with you on that. IMO the Habs identified the potential trading partners and the parameters of what they wanted in return (a elite forward prospect who was NHL ready NOW, no salary in return) and settled on Eller. After that it was just a matter of negotiating. JD has said that Gauthier only wanted Eller and no matter how much the Blues tried to change the deal, we only wanted Eller. To me, that tells me that the other potential trading partners did not have an elite forward NHL ready prospect, preferebly a center, who we could get in return.

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