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07-11-2010, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
He does get smoked a lot. I suspect it's some combination of being targeted by other teams and the fact that he hangs onto the puck too long.

As for why he hangs onto the puck too long, is it because he lacks the hockey sense to get rid of it or that he doesn't trust his teammates to do anything worth a damn with it?

I suspect that being essentially an only child here has prevented Hemsky from getting rid of some bad habits. Ales vs. The World.

Anyway, the way he gets battered is really one of his best qualities. It doesn't seem to put him off his game - if anything, it seems to wake him up. Some joker earlier in this thread was talking about how soft Hemsky was, but it's clear he's never really watched him. He doesn't dish it out, but man can he take it.

When Hemsky gets traded or signs elsewhere, the fans on his new team are going to really enjoy a holy **** moment. He's a wonderful player to watch.

A little maddening too, but is that just who he is or is it the result of him being on an island here as far as having talent to play with. What would a Vanek or Semin or Elias look like if they were surrounded by the pluggers and babes that Hemsky's been given as linemates during the last few years, his "prime" years?
which makes you think how bad management was at trying to build a team since Hemsky has "come around". he has absolutely no one on the same caliber of skill to play with. and yes, he does "make guys better" because Penner and Horcoff are prime examples of it WHEN THEY both want to try to keep up with Ales.

Penner crapped 2 seasons in the pants being a big baby that could have benefited him and Hemsky well. wasnt until last year that Penner put some effort in and they both were crushing. same goes for Horcoff.

we'll see how it is this year but Hemmer has to stay healthy for at least 75+ games.

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