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Originally Posted by HomaridII View Post
I am with you on that. IMO the Habs identified the potential trading partners and the parameters of what they wanted in return (a elite forward prospect who was NHL ready NOW, no salary in return) and settled on Eller. After that it was just a matter of negotiating. JD has said that Gauthier only wanted Eller and no matter how much the Blues tried to change the deal, we only wanted Eller. To me, that tells me that the other potential trading partners did not have an elite forward NHL ready prospect, preferebly a center, who we could get in return.
Exactly everyone can ***** and moan about the trade all they want but the fact of the matter is that St. Louis basically got the edge to negotiating for one of the goalies earlier in the season.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gauthier got a call from JD back in the winter that went along the lines of,

JD "Hello, Pierre we hear your going to be moving a goaltender this summer"
PG "Yes, that's correct we haven't decided which will be moved yet or what our desired return is but this will be ringing true in a few months, I take it your interested JD?"
JD "Very, as an act of good faith and possibly the first kick of the can at the end of the season at either. We'd like to do a preamble trade to show our genuine interest and would expect a gentleman's agreement where we will get an opportunity to get a hold of one of them at the end of the season"
PG "Alright, well a potential deal could revolve around one of the goalies and Matt D'Agostini, so perhaps Matt D'Agostini for a prospect now and will complete the deal with the main pieces at the end of the season"
JD " agreed"

Then the final deal become
To St.Louis


Which is much more fair then people made it out to be

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