Thread: Speculation: The Preds' "Huge" Move
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07-11-2010, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
I think players should be expected to meet expectations. Exceeding them simply means you're getting a bargain, so in that I can agree that the Predators should WANT a player to play above and beyond the money being paid to him. It being a necessity is where I stop agreeing.

When discussing contracts given to Legwand and Erat you see the outcome of the classic battle between a GM and a player/agent. The player/agent wants past production to be a biggest factor in a contract. (Player X has already done this for you at X dollars so now he is worth X.) The GM wants projected production to be a biggest factor. (Player X did this before but can he do X next season and beyond?) I think David Poile did what he had to do. Legwand and Erat, like it or not, were solid core players and still are. You'd prefer the highest paid players be the highest producing, but in order to judge the job Poile has done you also have to consider production gained from players not making much at all. He retained two guys he felt helped the core of the team the most. He did his job. Legwand actually did his last season, too. If Trotz wanted more goals from David he should've used him in a more two-way role than he did. Instead, Leggy was used in almost a pure shutdown role, and he played brilliantly in that position. Erat needs to shoot the puck more, and that's his own responsibility. It's easy to judge when you have the ability to refer to hindsight, but it's much harder to predict.
You can't expect to suceed unless your highest paid players play or exceed their value period. You can make all kinds of excuses but the bottome line is they have to perform. After evaluating the Legwand when drafting they took the best player available in a bad draft class. The extention was as turned out didn't do so well. Legwand is not capable of being a big scorer anymore. At this stage of their careers and their age if they( Legwand and Erat) don't get by now they aren't going to. Legwand is what he is a checking line center. Trotz has tried to put him on scoring lines but he doesn't work with other linemates. If you except mediocrity then Legwand is your guy.

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