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Originally Posted by TheGoalieGuild View Post
Hey guys,

Just saw someone link to our Top-100 Rankings and wanted to clarify a few things.

The ranking is a list of the Top-100 Prospects for fantasy keeper leagues, so it's not a straight-up ranking of talent. And it's not based on any kind of statistical scale, so please keep that in mind. The Ranking is merely a superfluous chart of who we feel is best suited to be a long-term goaltender for fantasy keeper leagues.

So a main reason why you'll see Riopel ranked higher than his skill may predicate is due to the fact he's no longer junior eligible and will either start in the AHL or ECHL. A lot of that depends on where Bobrovsky ends up.

We have very little video and insight on Bobrovsky because, well, we don't live in Russia. From our perspective, he's a highly skilled kid that doesn't have a lot of size, but still very talented and with a pretty active stance/style. One thing we have noticed about him is that his style has a lot of aspects of the Finnish in point the active glove hand. It's held very far out in front of him and he catches in the more modern way, with the fingers pointing up and the hand out in front of him.

Bobrovsky is now on a much better path to turning into a long-term fantasy keeper, so expect him to rise in our rankings as months go along. Good move by the Flyers to pick him up.

Just wanted to clarify that our Top-100 ranking is FANTASY based, not based on just skill alone. And we don't have any kind of mathmatical formula for the rankings ... it is sheerly a guide that is updated in the first few days of every month. Goalies go up and down pretty drastically at times, depending on how they perform and where they head within the organization they play for. Bobrovsky wasn't even on the list three months ago...but now that he's signed with an NHL club and raising eyebrows, he should now be on the radar for fantasy managers looking for long-term keeper goalies.

By no means should our list be considered "the" ultimate guide, but for fantasy managers, it's a very solid representation of the best long-term keepers out there!! If you want to learn more about the Rankings you can check out the thread in my School of Block forums on Dobber Hockey.

Cheers everyone!!

Thanks for clearing that up.

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