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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Another note about Pierre Mcguire.

For the last two years I've had to listen to him bash every single move Gainey/Gauthier has done, while praise every move Brian Burke has done.

Remember at the begining of last year how he claimed that Burke was a genius because he signed Beauchemin and Komisarek and traded Kubina for Exelby? Or his rant about how awesome Burke was for signing Colby Armstrong at 3 million.

I really don't get how all of sudden, Pierre Mcguire who is probably the most ridiculed(on this forum) member of the english media after Jack Todd is all of a sudden considered a non-partial and credible analyst.

The man is over-zealous, a sensationalist, biases and clearly still bitter about something.

Remember, when he bashed the Dominic Moore trade because we gave up a second rounder and should have traded for Belanger instead? He criticizes every single one of Gainey's moves without hesitation no matter what it is, but is always ready to drink the Brian Burke kool aid.
Yep, how quickly the average HF poster forgets facts that don't suit their arguements !

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