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07-11-2010, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
What I'm saying is that usually the beef against Mcguire's analysis usually comes when discussion seems to suggest he was off base. Ultimately, was he really proven wrong in his analysis of the Moore transaction? I understand the pattern you are painting here, and agree with you as far as that goes. Just saying that we can't complain too much about some of his analyses unless we have reason to believe that he is very likely wrong, or at least off base.
It's not about being proven wrong, it's about his constant negative attitude towards the organization even for movement regarding role players such as Dominic Moore. He he is always speculative and highly critical of every move, reminds me of many posters on this forum.

He complained about giving the second for Moore because he said it was a slight overpayment, though as we saw on deadline day, a second round pick was pretty much the going rate for role players such as Moore.

He overvalued the importance of our second round pick, as he probably didn't consider that Gauthier already knew one would becoming back as he(Gauthier) planned not to offer Fischer a contract.

He argued that Belanger would have been a better fit, though the difference in skill. intangibles and on ice player level between Moore and Belanger is not that great to begin with.

So once again, the Moore trade is one of the many examples of how he is always speculative of the moves Gauthier/Gainey makes and how he will never give the organization the benefit of the doubt even for small moves for role players such as Moore.

Maybe, just maybe, the front office knows what they are doing, but from listening to Pierre Mcguire discuss the moves our team makes, you would think Gauthier and Gainey have lost their minds.

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