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07-11-2010, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HomaridII View Post
Let me ask you a question ..

Do you think a league where the 3rd place team (Valencia) is already 30 pts behind the 1st place team is better than a league where to find a team 30 pts behind you have to go down to 9th.

The EPL is MUCH more competitive, MUCH more. Week in and Week out it has much more competitive games. Where do you think a team like 7th place Liverpool would have finished in La Liga? I bet you top 4 easily.
Haven't been on in awhile because I was out of the country so excuse if I'm out of the loop in terms of the conversation here. I agree with your post 100%.

Serie A and La Liga each have at most 3 to 4 competitive teams that battle for the 1st and 2nd spot. In La Liga A, it's usually Real Madrid and Barcelona. In Serie A, it's usually Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus with Roma and those teams not far behind. Serie A is the typical defensive style of football you would expect from Italians. Very boring unless you truly appreciate football tactics. In terms of La Liga, sure, there are many extremely high end word class talents. (Kaka, Ronaldo (crybaby one), Villa and many others now as well as Zidaine, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Ronaldinho in the past). However, can you seriously watch a league where its only really a race between two clubs?

When I watch and think about the EPL, two words come to mind distinctively. Balance and depth. They might now have the best talents ( still have great players like Rooney, Torres, Drogba and the like) but there is always a great battle for the top 4 spots, especially now that Manchester City is competitive again. And last year, there were surprises from teams like Tottenham and Liverpool (in the bad way) so it's a much more competitive league. Much deeper rosters.

I also encourage many posters here to watch club football before commenting on the game as a collection of divers. Most posters here watch football once every 4 years. This is NOT indicative of what actual football is like. Sure, you will find divers everywhere but in the EPL, it's much less prevalent and you will find it actually penalized. So to the posters that say, I don't understand why soccer is the most popular game, well it's because what you watch now is not what happens 95% of times. Also, it is interesting to note that fundamentally, there might be a huge cultural discrepancy between what North Americans find interesting versus what Europeans find interesting. Maybe Europeans find diving and deception part of the game? Whereas North Americans prefer grit in their matches. I don't watch the MLS but if someone can make a comparison between the style of play rather than quality of play in the MLS vs EPL, that would perhaps explain some of the discrepancies?

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