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07-11-2010, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Naoned View Post
It's a particularly unbalanced year in Spain.
This year's Liverpool may very well have finished top 4 in Spain, I have no problem with that. But the overall level of the football played in Spain is way better technically and tactically. I watch both leagues on a regular basis, and aside from the top 6-7, EPL teams are strong and play a fast paced game. But their D is terrible, and their team creativity is poor. EPL is a damn good league, with an awesome top 4-5 (MU, City, Lvpl, Chelsea and Arsenal), but the football played by the other teams is not as good as in Spain.
This year's Liverpool would have finished out of the Champions League spot in any country they would have competed in. They were dreadful from start to finish.

As for the differences between leagues, yes of course, Spanish football is the best technical football. Quick, one touch passing is what attracts the purists the most. However, as this is a hockey forum, I think most hockey fans who are trying to get into club football would prefer the Premier League. It's a more direct game, it's more physical and the pace is quite good when watching the elite teams (which now includes Spurs). Furthermore, you do tend to see less theatrics, and you have hard men that really take exception to that type of behaviour (I think most of Martin Keown, or Roy Keane is the past). Those "hard" players would definitely appeal to the general hockey fan IMO.

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