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07-11-2010, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Sargent Pepper View Post
After saying that you never played hockey, you would now have us believed you played Midget AAA?

I played Midget AAA...what team were you playing for because around here, the Midget AAA is not a school associated team! AA can be but AAA is not. Given that you have demonstrated your tendencies for dishonnesty before, once can only believe that this one is a fib as well)

As for you having a clue, well, we proved last week that you did not understand a single thing beyond reading the stats (which makes your new declaration about having experience even more unbelievable - notwithstanding the fact that you said the opposite before). Given the amount of time we have found you to be dishonest and lying on these boards, I suspect this to be another “twist” in your "forked tongue".

As for the pressure Halak is under, you’re the one that twisted it around (again, since you have no honour nor honesty, it is far from a surprised). As I said, Halak is under pressure and your statement that his teammates and the fans in St-Louis will not bear pressure on him is far from reality and the statement of one who does not understand hockey from the inside. The St-Louis players were satisfied by the play of Mason (as many have stated publically). Bringing in a new goalie will force that goalie to “make his place” in that team (again, if you had played competitive hockey, you would know that – it’s a reality at any level). As for the fan, given the price that was paid to get Halak (from their viewpoint), they will expect a return on their investment....and again, even if you tried to belittled the St. Louis fan, they know hockey far more than some who claims to know hockey but make all the wrong assumptions when it comes to team/personalities dynamics on a team.

As someone eloquently told you last week, you are full of words but empty of any real meaning.
I vaguely remember him saying he played goalie or was a goalie coach. That was his reason for justifying the criticisms he heaped on Price. Might be him but my memory is far from perfect.

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