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04-03-2005, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsjohn
Just something I want to throw in

Cammy is one of those players that needs to play and offensive role to be effective.
I agree with this for the most part but if he'd work harder he could also be effective on the 3rd or 4th line...ANY hockey player worth his salt should be able to find a way to be effective on the 3rd or 4th line. It wouldn't make the most of that player's skills but GOOD hockey players can be effective in ANY role. Craig Conroy is a prime example as is Lappy. Both were offensive players in college/juniors but when Lappy just couldn't get it going and make the jump, he became a COMPLETELY different kind of player. Conroy was ALWAYS an offensive player but the Blues didn't have a spot for him so the ONLY way he was going to make it was as a 3rd he worked his azz off and filled the role he had to. When he got the chance to break out with the Flames he did it.

I see NO reason Cammy can't do the same. More importantly I don't see why he should be some golden child who doesn't have to work to earn a roster spot (I'm not saying you're saying this but I see too many who do). EVERY kid should EARN his roster spot IMO.

When he was playing on the second line with Luuuuuuuuc he was scoring almost a goal a game, when he was moved to the 4th line he disapeared.
I keep track of lines (yes I know that makes me a super geek) and that's just not how it went down. He was playing hard and doing great for 10 or 12 games and in the last 2-4 games he started floating. AM challenged him and he didn't respond...and stopped scoring. After a few games of lollygagging, AM moved him to the 4th line to motivate him (which I agree with philosophically...demote players who stop working hard) and Cammy sulked and didn't work hard. THEN AM moved him back up to the 1st/2nd lines but continued to challenge him because he wasn't working hard enough or playing within AM's system (according to my friend who went to school with him, this was also a "problem" at Michigan). AM gave him 5-6 games to work this out and when Cammy still didn't work hard enough for him and sulked, he was sent to Manchester. The last 5 games I wrote down the lines for, Cammy was playing with Luc or Ziggy ALOT...he was not on the 4th line much at all in the last 5-6 games before going down to Manchester.

After he got to Manchester he seriously sulked (again, from what I've been told that's what happened at Michigan too). Then he accepted it and worked hard. It appears he may have carried that into this year and that's GREAT.

The reason I'm not sold on Cammy yet is that he has yet to show that he will work hard every game AT THE NHL LEVEL. It's just different than the AHL level. Playing great in the AHL is my no means meaningless but it also doesn't "prove" ANYTHING other than that you don't suck so bad you can't even do well in the AHL. The #1 problem throughout his career has been that he tries to get by solely on his skill and when that doesn't work and the coach has to challenge him to work harder he sulks. I really really really want him to succeed, but he's got a track record he can't outskate and IMO he needs to show he's not that same guy before I annoint him a top 6.

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